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Due to the variety of hard-working citizens—both Democrat and Republican—who are often embarrassed to admit they live here, I find myself repeating this phrase often. Illinois is our home. And if your home is broken, you fix it.

Through no fault of our own, our livelihoods hang in the balance. Illinois is the place where we’ve raised our children. We've worked tirelessly to make it a home for them, only to see it brought to the brink of financial disaster by career politicians. Our families and businesses are leaving our state in droves. The only way we can rescue Illinois and preserve our heritage is to eliminate corruption.

I am committed to changing the status quo in the system through these main areas of focus:

  • Pursuing term limits

  • Creating plausible pension reform

  • Balancing budgets

  • Paying our bills before we pay our politicians

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of political issues we can discuss, but if we do not get the corruption and unfunded liabilities under control, we will be in such turmoil we will not have the ability to address the rest.

Will you help me in rebuilding Illinois, our home?

I need your support. I need your prayers. I need your help spreading our message of hope.

Together, we can win this seat. Help me take back Illinois from corrupt career politicians who have forgotten what it is like to be a citizen in this great state.

Let’s make Illinois home again for its people, and not just for its politicians.




Monday, February 26, 2018 9:46 AM

105th House District Candidate Forum

On March 5th at 6 PM at University Galleries, GLT is hosting a candidate forum between incumbent Dan Brady and David Paul Blumenshine. People are encouraged to attend and/or submit questions to be answered.

Thursday, February 8, 2018 10:14 PM

David Paul Blumenshine interviewed on WJBC

In this in-depth interview with Sam Wood, David Paul Blumenshine talks about why he's running and how Illinois can be fixed. Listen in for a discussion about term-limits, the Taxpayer Bargain, and why Illinois hasn't had a balanced budget in 15 out of the 16 years Dan Brady has been in office.

Friday, January 19, 2018 10:16 PM

Interview with Cities 92.9

David Paul Blumenshine's interview with Cities 92.9.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 12:00 PM

Early Candidate Filings Set Up Contested Races for GOP

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 9:13 AM

Blumenshine Surpasses 1,000 Petition Signatures

David Paul Blumenshine surpassed the required number of petition signatures to get his name on the ballot to run for 105th District Representative. 

Committee to Elect David Paul Blumenshine
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